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Network Optimisation

Technology trends are coming at a rapid pace and challenging IT staff and other business decision makers in a dramatic way. Mobility, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), cloud, virtualization, network security, software defined networking (SDN), and IPv6 are not easy technologies to assimilate into networks.

Codec-dss can help you with these undertakings with solutions, services, experience, and expertise.

Our partnerships with industry leading networking providers HP and Cisco can become a real advantage to your organisation.

How Will Network Optimisation Solutions Benefit My Organization?

Engaging with Codec-dss for network optimization solutions can help:

  • Reduce application latency to remote end-users
  • Create multiple pathways to ensure application availability
  • Centralise the network environment
  • Decrease operating and management costs
  • Maximize bandwidth utilization
  • Postpone the need to upgrade WAN bandwidth
  • Improve disaster recovery position by speeding backup and data replication over the WAN