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Reporting and Analytics

Reporting is the structuring of information in such a way that it can be used to measure and monitor business performance. It’s the process of converting data into information.

Reporting can supply answers to questions like: What happened – and when? How often and how much? Where exactly is the problem located? And how can I find the solution? Based on a pre-determined query (how many of product X did we sell in Q4?), the specific answer can be delivered by analysing and revealing the necessary information from the transactions database. It is about specific answers to specific questions.

Business analytics solutions look a step further, helping you use business data to uncover opportunities in the market and to manage risk associated with business activities. It’s the process of converting information into knowledge.

Analytics can supply answers to questions like: Why did this happen? Which opportunities am I missing? What is the impact on my business if this trend continues? How can we do things better?

It’s a more dynamic system that’s capable of combining information from across the whole system to explore answers to more complex, strategic questions. Rather than creating one report to deliver a specific answer, analytics allows different data sources to be ‘sliced and diced’ at will, allowing a more ad hoc, deeper exploration of the company data.

If you need more information on our Reporting & Analytics Solutions or would like to arrange a consultation, please feel free to email or call us on 01 603 4300.


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